female - 21+ - ptbr, eng

ABOUT brazilian yumejoshi and fujoshi, multifandom. Anime and mobage make up most of my interests. I also love animals, specially cats and dogs. I avoid discoursing and politics most of the time.

FYI I RT a lot. My public accounts are all sfw but I make R18 jokes all the time. Please fuck off if you're under eighteen of age and/or are far-left/far-right and support violent doctrines like communism, nazism, etc.

I mostly have a no sharing mentality but I don't block/mute other yume for that. I will, whoever, do it if you ship my faves with other canon characters. It's nothing personal of course, this is for my own comfort.

I I consider myself more of a yume, so I'll always give my self ships priority, but every now and then some ships strike my fancy.

hypmic jirosabu; riodice
kmt rentan
mp100 reimob; shimateru
danganronpa saiouma; hikoma
free! makoharu; sourin; reinagi; asakisu