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22 years old, female, straightBrazilian, I speak PT-BR and ENG (esl)ISTJWeeb/fujoshi/yumejoshi. Also fiction advocate.

Favorite things

Favorite anime:

Currently into:
Boku no Hero AcademiaTried to read the manga some years ago (4 chapters) but found it boring and dropped, then I recently watched the anime and liked it much more than I was expecting. I don't want to read the manga because I want to know everything through the anime, so I avoid the spoilers like the plague. Favorite Characters: Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead) and Shigaraki Tomura. Favorite ships: iideku, erasermight, a bit of inatodo.

I hate Bakugou and his overrated guts.

Honkai ImpactStarted playing to help a friend earn some bonus in game but I actually got hooked. Favorite characters are Mei, Sakura and Bronya. Ask me about my ID tag if you're interested in adding me.

Mob Psycho 100Watched the first season when it was airing back in 2016 but the second season was what got me obsessed over it, since it's so good! I love love love Mob, he is cute and precious.

Other Interests:
Kyoto Animation / Animation Do animeFavorite studio since Tamako Market.
Anime Adaptions from the Manga Time Kirara magazineHigh quality CGDCT.
Mobage GBF, Fate/GO, etc. I play a lot of them and drop a lot of them too. I'm mainly interest in the fanarts and characters.
Idols and other music-related characters Love Live (mainly μ's), Idolm@ster (mainly SideM), Bandori, etc.
GamesYou'll see me casually talking about games every now and then but I must admit that I don't play them as much as I should.
Marvel Cinematic UniverseExtremely casual fan. I don't have interest in the comics.

The list goes on but these characters are the ones I care for the most.

Dumb swimming cartoon. Yes, I'm aware of the shitty fandom and Tumblr, it's one of the things I enjoy 100% for myself. I follow closely the franchise since 2013 and and even traveled to Japan to attend the High Speed event in March/2017 so I can't deny it's my favorite of all time. I love Free! as a whole but my favorite parts are High Speed! and Take Your Marks.

Favorite Characters

Favorite Ships

Character/Ships/Aspects I dislike

I don't dislike any of the characters. All Frees are good!I don't hate any of the ships but I tend to avoid HaruRin and ships with no canon basis (like SouMako).Not about the anime itself, but people who constantly say that the movie High Speed! isn't part of Free! just because they like the movie but not the anime, are annoying and delusional.

My interest in Danganronpa started with the first anime back in 2013 but I only finished all the main games in 2017, so I'm a late-to-the-party fan (sorry). Still playing Ultra Despair Girls! I like all the games, of course, but my main interest stays with V3.

Favorite Characters

Not in any specific order, expect for Kiibo. I love him and he's the number 1 in my heart (´∀`)♡

Favorite Ships

Character/Ships/Aspects I dislike

Miu Iruma Overrated and annyoing character that never redeemed herself. Probably my most hated character.
Hiyoko SaionjiSame as above, except for "overrated".
SaimatsuCan't see them as a couple.
Any Miu ship. Because I hate her I dislike any of her ships. Especially Kiiruma.
People who think Kodaka was "insulting" the fans with the v3 ending.If you think that you'll need extra interpretation lessons and replay the game.
People who hate Tsumugi for what she did but never gave a word on Junko.

From the light novel/anime Eromanga-sensei. I know she's waifu bait from a bad anime but I just can't help to love her since she got all the traits I enjoy in 2D girls. Expect to see her face in all my social media. I'd say she's my wife but I treat her more like a daughter because how much I love her in this pure and kind way. She has her flaws but in no way she's "trash" or "Kirino 2.0" so miss me with your shitty overused insults.

I love Sagiri!

Random info about me

My birthday is on Christmas (25/12). I'm a Capricorn, but even though I don't really care or believe in zodiac signs, I enjoy it's aesthetics.I love purple! Favorite color since I was a little child.I love animals, especially cats. I have 1 female cat and 1 male dog and they're my world. I tried vet school for a year but had to drop out to take care of my health. I'm also interested in extinct animals, like dinosaurs.I used to be a massive My Little Pony fan around 2011-2013. When they started focusing on characters I dislike (fuck Glimmer, fuck Shimmer, fuck Discord, fuck Trixie and all the other characters that should have stayed away from the main cast) my interest in it was already very low so I dropped it completely. But I had fun while I was in the fandom (despite the drama) so I'll always remember dearly the time I was into it. I still consider Rarity my favorite cartoon character.Every now and then I talk about politics. I'm not very deep into it but I can have some strong opinions about sensitive topics. I consider myself center-right leaning. I strongly believe in fiction = free speech and how people are free to draw/write whatever they want even if it's considered "problematic" or whatever.