Dissemination through memes

21 years old female from Brazil. Main interest is anything 2D related like anime (I watch an awful lot of it), manga, visual novels, light novels, anisongs, merch, etc. RomCom and Slice of Life are my favorite themes.
Favorite things (2D) include:

Dumb swimming cartoon. Yes, I'm aware of the shitty fandom and Tumblr, it's one of the things I enjoy 100% for myself. I follow closely the franchise since 2013 and and even traveled to Japan to attend the High Speed event in March/2017 so I can't deny it's my favorite of all time. My favorites characters are Makoto, Ikuya and Nitori.

Favorite game is V3 and my absolute favorite character is Kiibo (I talk about him a lot). My interest in Danganronpa started with the first anime back in 2013 but I only finished all the games in 2017, so I'm a late-to-the-party fan (sorry). Other favorite characters are Sonia, Byakuya and Juzo.

Sagiri Izumi
From the light novel/anime Eromanga-sensei. I know she's waifu bait from a bad anime but I just can't help to love her since she got all the traits I enjoy in 2D girls. Expect to see her face in all my social media. I'd say she's my wife but I treat her more like a daughter because how much I love her in this pure and kind way.

Other 2D favorites are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yuru Yuri, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, BL, Mobages (Granblue Fantasy, Fate/GO), Idols (Idolm@ster, Love Live), KyoAni anime and anime adaptions from the Manga Time Kirara magazine.

My birthday is on Christmas (25/12). I'm a Capricorn, but even though I don't really care or believe in zodiac signs, I enjoy it's aesthetics.I love purple! Favorite color since I was a little child.I love animals, especially cats. I have 1 female cat and 1 male dog and they're my world. I tried vet school for a year but had to drop out to take care of my health. I'm also interested in extinct animals, like dinosaurs.I used to be a massive My Little Pony fan around 2011-2013. When they started focusing on characters I dislike (fuck Glimmer, fuck Shimmer, fuck Discord, fuck Trixie and all the other characters that should have stayed away from the main cast) my interest in it was already very low so I dropped it completely. But I had fun while I was in the fandom (despite the drama) so I'll always remember dearly the time I was into it. I still consider Rarity my favorite cartoon character.